2023/24 RCA Year-End Report released

The RCA’s 2023/24 year-end report, Reimagining the future of rehabilitative care, is now available online. Highlighting the collective progress of more than 400 partners over the past year, the report outlines our shared efforts to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care, now and into the future.  It also reflects the strategic planning and partner engagement activities that […]

Joint webinar addresses osteoporosis and rehab care for older adults

On March 26th, the RCA collaborated with the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy (OOS) and Provincial Geriatric Leadership Ontario (PGLO) to offer a joint webinar: From Frailty to Resilience & Beyond the Break: Osteoporosis & Rehabilitative Care for Older Adults. The event highlighted the updated 2023 Osteoporosis Canada Clinical Practice Guideline and discussed how it is integrated […]

Supporting implementation of ALC leading practices and rehab for older adults

The RCA continues to partner with leaders in older adult care to support organizations implementing Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Leading Practices, as well as the best practices outlined in its Rehabilitative Care for Older Adults Living With/At Risk of Frailty Framework. At the February Older Adults Living with Frailty Task Group meeting, three organizations […]

Building a new specialized rehab delivery model

The Specialized Rehab Task Group continues to explore where specialized rehab programs/services currently exist, and where future inpatient and outpatient “hubs,” as well as local “spokes,” could ideally be located. These efforts build upon previous and current activities to lay the foundation for a hub-and-spoke model, including the development of key principles for this model, […]

Updated Rehab Care Standards and related tool

The Rehab Care Standards Task Group has now updated the RCA’s Community-Based Framework for Rehabilitative Care to incorporate new research included in our White Paper on Community-Based Rehabilitation.  To help determine which level of care best meets patients’ rehabilitative needs, the group has also created a two-page key features document that provides a brief overview […]

2022/23 System Performance Report and dashboard released

The RCA has released its annual high-level assessment of rehabilitative care across Ontario. The 2022/23 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report is designed to support evidence-based practice and system-wide improvement, with indicators addressing population health, patient experience, provider experience and value/efficiency. Highlights include: The impacts of labour force challenges. The 2022/23 reporting year was impacted by […]

Refining the DAPP and related tools

A leading practice to implement direct access to rehab care, the RCA’s Direct Access Priority Process (DAPP) supports the early identification of individuals with restorative potential who require inpatient and/or community-based rehabilitative care. To help streamline the process, it facilitates referrals directly from the community or emergency department. Last year the RCA released an updated […]

Welcoming new patient and care partner advisors

In February, the RCA was thrilled to welcome three new patient and care partner advisors. As individuals who have been patients and/or caregivers within the rehabilitative and health care system, advisors contribute their insights and experiences as active members of RCA task groups.  Their contributions are essential to ensuring that the voice of patients and […]