Report on 2018/19 A&R initiatives now available

The RCA has released its annual report on Ontario’s Assess & Restore initiatives. The report provides a summary of the 40 initiatives funded in 2018/19 and highlights how an integrated approach to restorative care can improve outcomes for community-dwelling older adults. This year’s report also provides a year-over-year comparison of outcomes from 2016/17 to the […]

Bilateral TJR and shoulder arthroplasty guidelines

Rehab guidelines released for bilateral TJR and shoulder arthroplasty The Rehabilitative Care Alliance has developed two new rehabilitative care best practice guidelines in collaboration with Health Quality Ontario. The guidelines support implementation of bundled care and address current variations in practice across Ontario. Simultaneous Bilateral Knee and Hip Replacement: The best practice recommendations address pre-operative […]

Overview of RCA initiatives for 2019-2022

The RCA works with partners across the province to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care through better planning, ongoing evaluation and quality improvement, and the integration of best practices across the care continuum. Over the last several months, the RCA has worked with its stakeholders across the province to finalize initiatives for 2019-22. These initiatives recognize […]


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