Older Adults with Frailty

Older Adults with Frailty

The RCA continues to promote best practice rehabilitative care to prevent functional decline and falls among community-dwelling older adults, through the following initiatives:

  • Best practice framework for older adults living with frailty

    The RCA and Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario have developed a new best practice framework to guide rehabilitative care for older adults living with/at risk of frailty. Work is now underway to develop resources and self-assessment tools to support implementation by organizations, Ontario Health Teams and regions.
  • Implementing post-fall rehabilitative care pathways

    The RCA developed and piloted evidence-based pathways for primary care and emergency departments to connect frail older adults who fall with rehabilitative care to prevent functional decline and additional falls. Work is underway with Community Paramedicine to adapt the pathway for use by community paramedics.

The frameworks, post-fall pathways and additional resources can be found here.