Hip Fracture Rehab Resources

Hip Fracture Rehab Resources

This collection of evidence-based tools and resources is provided to support best practice rehabilitative care across the continuum for frail seniors with hip fracture. The resources are organized by setting. Most were developed by stakeholders across the province.

This collection is updated on an ongoing basis. (Last updated: February 2024)

Click links in the image below to access resources for each sector.

Citing Resources

You’re invited to use these resources to implement hip fracture best practices within your own organization. We ask that you acknowledge the source as follows:

Organization(s) that own resource. (Publication date) Name of Resource. Accessed from the Rehabilitative Care Alliance Hip Fracture Rehab Resource. Resource URL. 

Submitting Resources

We welcome submissions of new and updated resources, including:

  • patient and family materials, including videos
  • clinical best practice documents
  • validated outcome measures
  • assessment tools and forms
  • care pathways

To submit, please email PDFs or web links to Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.

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