Most providers have turned to virtual care to deliver rehab during COVID-19. The RCA has gathered a series of resources to assist in this transition.

The RCA hosted two popular webinars in May and June on the use of tele-rehab during COVID-19. Presenters shared key considerations and practical tips for setting up virtual rehab.

Presentations and recordings from the webinars are now available, as well as links to resources/tools shared by the presenters. A Q & A document with the presenters addresses questions on conducting virtual assessments; virtual system set-up; consent/privacy/security; reporting; virtual rehab for the paediatric population; research/evidence; and tools and resources.

Additional resources can also be found on our tele-rehab and COVID-19 webpage.

Other COVID-19 resources

The RCA also regularly updates all sections of its online resource of COVID-19 rehab resources as the body of evidence continues to grow. The resource identifies Canadian sources for easy reference and is organized in the following categories:

  • Rehab Resources Specific to COVID-19
  • Rehab Policy/Planning Considerations for COVID-19
  • Tele-Rehab and COVID-19
  • Rehab in the ICU
  • Rehab after Critical Illness
  • Rehab and Recovery from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

The RCA and the GTA Rehab Network also host a COVID-19 Community of Practice on Ontario Health’s Quorum platform to share information and resources on planning and providing rehabilitative care in the context of COVID-19.