The RCA plans to expand its annual rehabilitative care system performance report to include ambulatory rehab data. The RCA secretariat recently obtained the 2018/19 data submitted to NACRS Clinic Lite and undertook an analysis and review of this data. An RCA task group is working with the ambulatory rehab data to determine which indicators to include in future performance reports and how to share this analysis with sites that provide services in bundled care.

The secretariat has also been advised that CIHI will be releasing and making available data files for clinics submitting post-acute ambulatory rehab data to NACRS Clinic Lite as part of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Bundled Care funding program. With processes in place for accessing NACRS Clinic Lite data, this will pave the way to system-level reporting of ambulatory rehab data for the first time.

Since the release of its first Ontario-wide system performance report, the RCA has continued to improve and enhance the report. For example, the recently released 2018/19 Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report included data analysis at the organization and sub-regional level for the first time.

The annual report supports a standardized approach to evaluating system performance across the rehabilitative care continuum in order to improve care delivery. The report currently analyzes data for 13 indicators within the quality domains of access, safety, effectiveness and integration. The report and the accompanying scorecard and data are available to RCA stakeholders only.

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