Preoperative Care

Preoperative Care — TJR

TJR Framework


Addendum to the Rehabilitative Care Best Practice Framework in the Context of COVID-19

Includes the framework, referral decision tree, and process indicators for support performance monitoring and QBP-related outcomes.

Addendum includes additional evidence-based recommendations to the TJR Framework that align with current COVID-19 restrictions.

Quick Reference Guide – TJR Based on the full framework. Provides a concise summary of best practices to guide clinical practice in each setting.
Ontario Health Quality Quorum Bundled Care Community of Practice Community of Practice provides support for successful implementation of bundled care, including resources and webinars.
Patient & Family Education Materials
Bluewater Health Total Joint Replacement Education Videos

Pre-surgery intake and assessment class videos for patients receiving total hip replacement.
Bluewater Health Total Joint Replacement Patient & Family Education Booklets

Education booklets include surgical and pre-operative forms, hip anatomy, coach program, healthy lifestyle and preparation for before, during and after surgery.
Canada’s Food Guide Website outlines Canada’s Food Guide.
Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines Movement guidelines provide guidance on the optimal amount of physical activity and sleep for Canadians of all ages.
Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Website for patients and caregivers to help them learn how to prepare for and recover from a hip or knee replacement, including videos and pre- and post- surgery booklets.
Cambridge Memorial Hospital — Guides to Total Joint Replacement

Education booklets review the reasons for a total hip or knee replacement and preparation for before, during and after surgery.
Halton Healthcare Prehab Program Web page with educational videos to support patients undergoing total hip and knee replacement and links to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures and publicly-funded physiotherapy clinics.
Healthcare Excellence Canada & Enhanced Recovery Canada

Patient and caregiver resources developed based on the Health Care Excellence Orthopaedic Surgery Pathway (for Inpatient and Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement).
London Health Sciences Centre Joint Replacement Surgery Patient Resources Web page with patient guides to total hip and knee replacement, lifestyle changes before joint surgery and sex after joint replacement.
Michael Garron Hospital — Before, During & After Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

Patient handbooks and video courses review knee/hip anatomy and surgery and provide exercises and a step-by-step planning checklist for before, during and after surgery.
Queensway Carleton Hospital – Champlain MSK Care Program

Preparatory videos and presentations to be watched by patients prior to their prehab appointment.
Queensway Carleton Patient Booklet

Patient booklets review knee/hip anatomy and surgery and provide exercises and step-by-step planning checklist for before, during and after surgery.
Sunnybrook Holland Bone and Joint Program Patient Education Patient education materials including guides, pre and post surgery videos and exercise class tips.
Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement Patient Readiness Checklist Checklist to assist patients to prepare for and after surgery.
North West Regional Joint Assessment Centre — Physiotherapy Post-Op Total Knee or Total Hip Replacement Booking Patient information and referral form for post-op physiotherapy booking to be booked before surgery.
South West Healthline

Resources to prepare patients for what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgery in the South West LHIN region of Ontario.
South West Musculoskeletal Rapid Access Clinic Information Sheet Handout lists web links to information regarding arthritis, exercise & activity classes, physiotherapy, weight control, gait aides and preparing for surgery.
Assessment & Intervention
GTA Rehab Network Guideline for TJR Pre-Operative Processes Guideline includes processes in the pre-operative, acute care admission and outpatient rehabilitation phases; pre-operative triage considerations for referral to outpatient/inpatient rehabilitation; and referral criteria for home and community care.
Michael Garron Hospital Orthopaedic Hip & Knee Arthritis Program Rapid Access Clinical Referral Form Referral form to the Michael Garron Hospital Orthopaedic Hip & Knee Arthritis Program Rapid Access Clinic.
Middlesex Hospital Alliance

Physiotherapy preoperative care assessment, treatment and recommendations form, including post-op physiotherapy plan.
Sunnybrook Holland Bone and Joint Program Referral Information Referral forms and processes for clinics and services, such as the Hip & Knee Arthritis Program and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services.
Toronto Central Hip and Knee Arthritis Program Request for Orthopaedic Consultation Form Request for Orthopaedic Consultation Form used by the Toronto Central LHIN Joint Health and Disease Management Program.
Patient Experience
Visit-Specific Satisfaction Instrument TVSQ-9 is a 9-item survey that measures patient satisfaction with direct interaction with a health care professional. Currently used in some pre-operative or fracture clinics.