Supporting OHTs

Supporting OHTs

The RCA is proud to support Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) as they integrate rehabilitative care into their patient services. A cornerstone of truly connected care, integrating rehabilitation has been shown to improve the experiences of patients, caregivers and providers.

Evidence also shows that rehabilitation offers a range of benefits to both patients and providers across the care continuum, including:

  • For patients, improved health outcomes, reduced disability and improved or maintained independence.
  • For providers, reduced costs, improved efficiency, shortened length of stays, reduced readmissions, fewer emergency department visits and improved patient flow.

The resources below offer practical information and guidance for OHTs seeking to provide this holistic and integrated care.

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Rehabilitative Care: An Essential Component of Connected Care


Developed in collaboration with the GTA Rehab Network, this guide illustrates how rehabilitative care contributes to the quadruple aim and makes three key recommendations for OHTs integrating rehabilitative care.
Patient and System-Level Benefits of Rehabilitative Care: A primer to support planning by OHTs and Ontario Health This primer is designed for OHT administrators and planners, as well as regional/provincial policymakers. It outlines how rehabilitative care can improve patient and system outcomes in primary care, hospitals and the community.
Specialized Rehabilitation: Guidance for Ontario Health Teams (all populations) (March 2023) Provides guidance on:

  • why specialized rehabilitation is required and for which patient populations
  • what services and resources are required to provide specialized rehabilitation
  • when specialized rehabilitation services are needed for ten specialized rehabilitation populations (acquired brain injury, amputee, burn, cardiovascular, complex trauma, oncology, pediatric, pulmonary, spinal cord injury and stroke)
  • the use of virtual rehabilitation
Specialized Rehabilitation: Guidance for Ontario Health Teams (by population) (March 2023) By population:

Realizing the Potential of Community-Based Rehabilitative Care

Saisir le Potentiel des Soins de Réadaptation en Milieu Communautaire

Designed to help OHTs integrate community-based rehab into their planning, this resource provides information and actionable recommendations to help address key challenges including access and flow, alternate level of care (ALC) rates and chronic disease management.