System Evaluation

System Evaluation

The RCA’s Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework and annual rehabilitative care system performance report provide a standardized approach to evaluating system performance across the rehabilitative care continuum. Together, with the system performance dashboard, they:

  • define quality rehabilitative care using 14 performance indicators
  • establish provincial benchmarks for rehabilitative care system indicators in three priority areas
  • provide regions with information to assess their performance against each other and against provincial benchmarks
  • help regions focus their efforts to improve quality and flow
  • support evidence-based practice and system-wide improvement.

The RCA continues to support Ontario Health Teams and regional and provincial partners in quality improvement initiatives.

The RCA’s annual rehabilitative care system performance report is available to health service providers by contacting

Framework and Reports
RCA Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report: Summary Report (March 2024) A summary of rehabilitative care performance data.
RCA System Performance Report: Technical Manual (March 2024) Technical definitions, data interpretation and background for the RCA System Evaluation Performance data.
Rehab Provider Experience Survey Summary (2023) A brief summary of the 2023 Rehab Provider Experience Survey Results
Rehab Transition Self-Assessment Tool (2023) A self-assessment tool for clinicians, practice leads, managers and decision-makers to help support the transfer of essential patient information to the in-home rehab team when a patient transitions from hospital to in-home rehab.
Rehab Provider Experience Survey Summary (2022) A 2-page summary of the 2022 Rehab Provider Experience survey.
System Performance Dashboard Online dashboard of 14 performance indicators with data provided at a regional and sub-regional level.
FAQ: Rehabilitative Care System Performance Report (January 2022) FAQ document addresses common questions related to the RCA System Evaluation Framework, performance report, and dashboard.
RCA Rehabilitative Care System Evaluation Framework Diagram A 2-page summary diagram of the System Evaluation Framework.
2019-20 RCA Performance Report: Summary Report (May 2021) A summary of the performance data for 2019-20 in rehabilitative care in Ontario.