Virtual Rehabilitation

Virtual Rehabilitation

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have integrated virtual and hybrid models of rehabilitative care into their service delivery on a more permanent basis. The RCA’s evaluation framework will help providers ensure this care is effective and efficient. In addition to the resources below, additional resources can be found on the RCA’s COVID-19 resources page.

Virtual Rehabilitation Resources
Toronto Rehab Telerehab Toolkit – 2nd Edition (November 2022)

This toolkit contains tools and resources on how to prepare patients, families and clinicians for virtual rehab, safety considerations including how to prepare for medical events during virtual therapy, evaluation tools and more.
RCA Webinar: Virtual rehab is here to stay…So, how do you evaluate its efficacy and quality? (March 2022)

Webinar provides an overview of the RCA Considerations for the Evaluation of Virtual Rehabilitation and an illustration of using the RCA virtual rehab guidance framework to evaluate a regional rehab outreach program.
RCA Considerations for the Evaluation of Virtual Rehabilitation (November 2021) Evaluation framework for virtual rehabilitative care outlining outcome indicators, descriptive questions and suggested measurement tools in four domains: implementation outcomes, quality outcomes, patient/caregiver outcomes and health system outcomes.
Telerehab Implementation Toolkit (November 2020)

RCA webinar on Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Telerehabilitation Toolkit for Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs. Toolkit helps rehabilitation organizations and providers implement, improve, and evaluate virtual rehabilitation.
RCA Tele-Rehab Webinar (May 2020)

Providers across the province share experiences implementing tele-rehab. Includes: key considerations and enablers, practical tips for setting up tele-rehab quickly, learnings re implementing tele-rehab in individual and group formats.
RCA Tele-Rehab Follow-Up Webinar (June 2020)

Providers across the province answer questions submitted during the May 2020 Tele-Rehab Webinar.
How to Conduct an Outpatient Telemedicine Rehabilitation or Prehabilitation Visit (April 2020) Outlines components of an outpatient telemedicine visit for physiatrists with focus on an adapted virtual physical examination. Includes description of general approach, definitions of common terms and tips for optimizing the encounter.
Ontario Health: Adopting and Integrating Virtual Visits into Care: Draft Clinical Guidance for Health Care Providers in Ontario (March 2020) Ontario Health document provides clinical guidance to support the adoption and integration of virtual visits.