As surgeries resume in the COVID-19 environment, additional infection prevention and control practices have led to practice changes and reduced capacity in post-acute rehabilitative care. Many programs have adopted virtual care options.

To ensure that best practice rehabilitative care continues in this new context, the RCA has developed additional recommendations that align with current pandemic restrictions while complementing the existing RCA best practice frameworks (Rehabilitative Care Best Practices for Patients with Hip Fracture and Rehabilitative Care Best Practices for Patients with Hip & Knee Replacement).

The new evidence-based recommendations are included in a hip fracture addendum and total joint replacement addendum and address the following:

  • involvement of care partners (family or friends)
  • transition care planning
  • post-surgical acute care and inpatient rehabilitation
  • community-based rehabilitation, and
  • virtual care.

The recommendations were developed with input from stakeholders across the province, including patients and care partners.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Sadler, Project Manager.