In 2016, the RCA completed a successful first phase of a proof of concept for a minumum data set (MDS) for outpatient rehabilitation. Twenty-six hospital and community-based programs tested three data collection tools, includeing the Community Rehab Assessment (CRA), which measures functional outcome. Based on feedback, the CRA tool was shortened and streamlined. 

The RCA is now seeking outpatient programs for a Phase II nine-month pilot of the revised CRA tool, to take place between February and November 2018

Why participate?

  • Access to vaulable data for evaluation and planning: Most outpatient rehabilitation clinics struggle to gather and report meaningful data for use in evaluation and planning. The pilot will provide you with data to demonstrate the value of outpatient rehabilitation to senior leaders in your organization and in the health care system. Because the data is standardized and comparable, you will also receive a comparison of your outcomes to those of participating sites across the province.
  • Opportunity to play a leadership role: Standardized, comparable data is critical at a system level to improve understanding of the role of outpatient rehabilitation in an integrated, efficient system. By participating, you have the opportunity to shape a tool that may be used province-wide in the future. 

What is required?
Participating sites must capture data for a minimum of 15 patients who are admitted and discharged from your program during the nine-month pilot period. In particular, we hope to capture data for patients receiving outpatient rehab due to an acquired brain injury, total joint replacement (TJR), neurological issue, stroke, or an orthopedic need other than TJR or hip fracture.

What support is provided?
All participating sites receive training and ongoing support from the RCA. This includes the following:

  • Provincial webinar on January 25th, 3:30pm-5:00pm: This initial 90-minute webinar provides training on the process and tools. You may wish to train one or two staff who can then train others. 
  • Site start-up training: The RCA secretariat then provides a site-specific teleconference for one to two lead staff from your site on more detailed logistics and procedures, including ethics and privacy procedures. This customized support will answer any questions you have related to start-up of the project.
  • Optional site-specific training: The RCA is also available to do an additional training session for your front line staff on the clinical and data collection aspects of the Community Rehab Assessment. 
  • Data entry: The RCA does all data entry.
  • Data analysis: The RCA provides data analysis and reporting. You will receive a report on functional outcome data specific to your site, and a comparison of your results to those of participating sites across the province. This is a unique opportunity to measure your performance across populations and against other programs using standardized, comparable data.

Questions? Want to sign up?
This FAQ provides more information on the pilot. Sites may also register for the January 25th informational/training webinar to learn more before making their decision. If you are interested in participating in the pilot, the webinar or have more questions, please email Rebecca Ho, Project Manager.  

All participating sites must be enrolled in the pilot by January 31.