The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) has released Driving System Change, a report of the RCA’s work over the last two years.

Much has been achieved:

  • New evidence-based care pathways will make it easier for primary care and emergency departments to connect older patients who fall with rehabilitative services to prevent functional decline and secondary falls.
  • A new simplified capacity planning approach will help regions address local rehabilitative care needs now and in the future.
  • Providers across the province are working to align care with standardized rehabilitative best practices for patients with hip fracture and joint replacement.
  • The RCA released its third annual report on the quality of rehabilitative care provided across the province.
  • Definitions frameworks are leading to more consistent rehabilitative care for individuals across the province regardless of where they live or the organization providing their care.
  • Outpatient rehabilitative care clinics across the province are able to gather standardized, comparable outpatient data using three data reporting tools.

All of this has been achieved through the hard work of hundreds of stakeholders across the province and the support of the 14 LHIN CEOs. Our thanks to all of you.

The RCA begins another three-year mandate (2019-2022) on April 1. Watch for more information on our plans in the months to come.