Year-End Reports

Year-End Reports

The RCA’s year-end reports provide a summary of the work for each of its mandates and links to the tools and resources developed.

April 2023 — March 2024

April 2022 — March 2023

April 2019 — March 2022

April 2017 — March 2019

April 2015 — March 2017

April 2013 — March 2015

Structural Innovation for System Success: Learnings from the Rehabilitative Care Alliance Model

The RCA’s successful model for implementing system change could prove valuable to other groups with a mandate to improve the health of specific populations across a broad provincial landscape. This 2016 article by RCA Co-Chairs Dr. Peter Nord and Donna Cripps provides an overview of the factors contributing to the RCA’s success over its first two mandates.